06. März 2019

BUGA Heilbronn 2019 - More Than a Flower Exhibition Attractive Destination for Gardening and Nature, Cultural Events and Urban Living


Bundesgartenschau Heilbronn 2019 walks on new paths and shows how manifold and entertaining a visit at the national garden exhibition in Heilbronn can be. With roots in the tradition of the national flower fair, it presents creative ideas for gardening, artistic floral shows and fascinating water orchestrations. Visitors can also choose from a variety of more than 5,000 events – theater, music, choirs, presentations, games, special contributions from BUGA partners, sports and more. Every day promises to be a rewarding experience and inspiring event.

Going beyond traditions, BUGA Heilbronn 2019 combines a garden show with an urban exhibition, the Stadtausstellung, creating a new experience. BUGA Heilbronn 2019 presents a symphony of colorful flowers, skillful gardening and natural landscape designs with a set of new buildings which are the seed for the Neckarbogen, a new neighborhood in Heilbronn. 23 buildings including the new Heilbronn youth hostel are already completed. Many apartments are already inhabited.

„Our BUGA Heilbronn 2019 is more than a traditional flower fair", says Hanspeter Faas, Managing Director of Bundesgartenschau Heilbronn 2019 GmbH. "It is an urban development project with many highlights. We present topics like the considerate exploitation of scarce resources such as land and water, sustainability and more. A main street with 17,000 vehicles per day has been removed and the Neckar river banks have been restored for immediate access to the river for residents and others. What is more, a park area with a wooden path along the water, two lakes, playgrounds and sports facilities will endure after the exhibition and will be available for the public."

"With the combination of garden fair and urban living, the BUGA Heilbronn is a rewarding destination for people interested in plants, gardening and nature in general, in urban development and urban living in the future, including a change in urban mobility and the influence of digitalization on urban living", says Faas.

BUGA Heilbronn 2019 is the ideal destination for individuals and groups, families and singles. BUGA allows free access for children up to 15 years. In addition to one-day-tickets and permanent tickets, it offers two-day-tickets which include free access to further attractions in the region. All tickets include special arrangements with public transportation in the region.

„We have come up with quite a number of different features to attract a broad range of tourists to the BUGA", says Hanspeter Faas. "This includes art and culture, music and sports, weekly flower shows, topical show gardens, garden cabinets on many different topics such as the life of bees, salt in the underground of the BUGA area, mushrooms growing on logs, Australian wildlife, and robotic gardening."

From the beginning, BUGA Heilbronn made sure that the area is barrier-free. "We want people with and without handicap to enjoy their visit to the BUGA Heilbronn", adds Faas.

Baden-Württemberg including the region along the Neckar is famous for its wines. Delicious grapes such as Trollinger, Riesling and Lemberger are grown in the hilly landscape around Heilbronn. Climate change calls for grapes which are more adapted to hot and dry seasons, such as Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay. At the BUGA, visitors can find a typical wine garden with an original vineyard hut.

The BUGA includes many futuristic features. For instance, the currently highest building in Germany made completely out of wood, bionic pavilions made of carbon fiber or wood and designed and built digitally, and tests on autonomous driving.

Last but not least, BUGA is also a mecca for art fans. Visitors encounter 24 objects from famous artists like Heinrich Brummack, Niki de Saint Phalle, Jaume Plensa or Carole Feuerman during their stroll through the BUGA.

Information on BUGA Heilbronn 2019 including details for camping tourists can be found on the BUGA website

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